Why we?

Why We?

Plan and invest with personal advisor.

Your First Meeting

Considering working with Mamtesh Namedev (financial advisor)? Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, the following should be helpful as you prepare for your introductory meeting.

What to expect

During the first meeting, you and your financial advisor will get to know each other. Because finances are so personal, you should feel comfortable that the relationship is a good fit.

Your financial advisor will understand what’s important to you. Before providing any recommendations, he or she will ask why you’re investing, what objectives you hope to achieve and your comfort with risk. You’ll discuss how involved you’d like to be in your investment decisions, which account optionsare available and what costs or fees are associated with those options.

These conversations are important and will enable your financial advisor to begin to develop a personalized strategy just for you. The first meeting is simply an introduction to what you can expect working with your financial advisor for the long-term. Should you decide to become a client, your financial advisor will be your advocate, looking out for your financial future and monitoring your progress throughout your life.

Gather your information

If you’re ready to talk in detail about your finances, be sure to bring your investment account statements, planned or known expenses, tax returns and even life insurance policies. You’re welcome to bring questions regarding specific investments or accounts. And yes, you can bring in statements from other institutions even if you’re not considering moving your business. Having these documents will provide your financial advisor with a more complete picture of your financial situation.

  • A dedicated relationship with a Mamtesh Namdev
  • Personalized financial plan to meet your goals 
  • Access to our full range of solutions and expertise 
  • No charge to work with your Financial Consultant

Personal support

Your dedicated Financial Consultant will get to know you and your needs.

  • Wewill assist you in creating a financial plan tailored to your financial needs and goals.
  • Weare available in-person, over the phone, or by video chat.

Work together to create a plan to meet your ever-changing goals.

You and your Financial Consultant can create a financial plan that answers all sorts of questions as your life evolves, such as:

  • How much do I really need when I retire?
  • How can I plan for multiple college tuitions?
  • How can I prepare for unexpected life events?

Your go-to-contact for our full range of financial services and expertise.

Your Financial Consultant can help you choose the right level of advice and service based on your goals, and connect you to specialists when you have more complex planning and financial needs, such as trust, estate, and fixed income.

Attention, respect & service you deserve

We spend the time and have the knowledge to help you sort through complicated financial questions. Most financial-services firms claim to focus on you and your needs, but can they really do it? We believe Mamtesh namdevs uniquely positioned from the ground up to provide the attention, respect and service you deserve, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 25 years.