About Your Financial Consultant

“Mamtesh Namdev is the Founder & CEO of Your Financial Consultant”

This quote best describes the urgency of getting insurance, because it is not just for you, it protects your family even when you are not there to take care of them. I am Mamtesh Namdev, insurance expert having a team of full time authorised best LIC Agent in Delhi NCR region. I have a team of 16 members, who work relentlessly for serving our existing, as well as new clients, by helping them choose the most apposite insurance policy according to their financial objectives.

I, with my team, work to provide the best insurance advice in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and all metro cities in India, guiding our clients through the entire process of insurance, right from choosing the right policy to its maintenance and claim.

Your Financial Consultant v/s LIC Agent in Delhi NCR

LIC agent in delhi have seen many people getting insurance through different channels, the only thing we could notice so far that people, not being aware of the complexities of this market, choose the simplest policies with minimalistic returns, and sometimes, at the time of claim, settlement gets stuck because of small details in terms and conditions, which were not paid attention to at the time of taking the policy.

We, a qualified team of insurance agent and Life insurance agents in Delhi NCR offer the holistic approach towards getting you a policy that works for you. And we don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to getting into deep details of policy and its terms and conditions, insurance market and its fluctuations. We provide you:

  • Full guidance for policy selection by answering relevant questions about your requirements and wishes.
  • A complete calculation of the premium (for choosing best policy) you can pay by understanding your income structure and lifestyle.
  • A list of documentation, paperwork and fitness check-up etc. that you need to get done for any policy beforehand, and review the policy selection again.
  • Support in initiating and maintaining a policy or plan, via SMS and email alerts for paying next premium, maturity updates, more policies etc.
  • Assistance during the insurance claim by taking care of the formalities, coordinating with the insurance company and processing the settlement.

When its time for claim settlement, lic agent in delhi or lic advisor in delhi understand that it would be a turbulent time for you, during retirement or misfortune, in sickness or demise, so we take over and make sure you get your money timely and hassle-free, even with your bare minimum physical presence.

Why Choose Your Financial Consultant?

Insurance policies are highly specific and are subject matter of solicitation and for some individuals, it has become the way to dupe money out of people by playing with their emotional attachment and sense of responsibility for their families. This predicament needs amends and this is exactly why we are here. We duly understand that it is a serious matter of providing financial protection to your family and not about insurance companies making undue money.

So, we as life insurance advisor in delhi take in account your insurance needs and provide you the most suitable solution, customised to your requirements. Life insurance agent in delhi take in account your financial commitments, future needs and suggest you the right policy in regards with premium, sum assured, maturity benefits etc. We are transparent in our dealings and provide truthful and unbiased information about various policies and associated terms and conditions. This makes us one of the best LIC agents in Delhi.

How good are we?

Our Promise

Our domain knowledge, expertise and objectiveness adds perspective and insights, which helps you make right decision for yourself and your family. We as lic agent in delhiguide our clients through the process of buying an insurance policy: selection of the policy, documentation and paperwork, payment of premium and policy maintenance. At no stage do we leave you unassisted. We continue handholding till the maturity of policy or settlement of the claim. We also provide ongoing support, like reminders through SMS and e-mails, as well as comprehensive after sales service like nominee registration, change in address, premium collection and claim settlements etc.

With us, it is not just a business relationship between life insurance agent in delhi and their customers, it is a special lifelong bond that is built on honesty and reliability.